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brought home to the participants the accessibility of radio to anyone with an interest in presenting or supporting the effort.

A public meeting to launch the organisation/idea is scheduled for January 18 at the Community Centre. Mary Ruddy, from Connemara Community Radio, will present the ideas, ethos, and necessities of community radio to anyone interested in attending. This will be a chance to learn about the possibilities for our own local broadcast and streaming facility.

The Kinvara community seems ideal as a location for this kind of media project. There are many interesting people, artists, musicians, sports enthusiasts, business and professional people, and activists of all sorts. And there is a wider Kinvara community around the world who would be able to tune in on the internet and keep up with their home. It is a chance to have very local news presented, as well as local connections to national and international news events. Many are the possibilities, and the roles of presenters, writers, technicians, news researchers, and much more, will be open to any community member, as this endeavour will always be volunteer powered to a large if not total degree.

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