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There are no concerts planned for the Summer. KAM's regular concert seasons are Autumn/Winter and Winter/Spring. Planning is ongoing for the Autmun season.

KAM is an all-volunteer, community-based group of music afficianados who occasionally meet, plan and organize various events, mostly concerts, to further the already lively and diverse musical scene in the local area. Do you have an artist, band, act you would like to bring to Kinvara? Or are there local artists you would like to showcase? Would you like to assist in bringing these events to fruition? Consider volunteering to help in one of any number of ways (concert production, promotion, event planning, website management, etc.) and join in the fun.

Don't have time, but like the mission? Join KAM for as little as €10, and support the efforts while also getting concession rate to all KAM events.

Want to hear about KAM events regularly? Sign up for KAM's email list and get the news of concerts upcoming.

KAM AGM/Party 2017


The KAM Annual General Meeting/Party will be held in Sexton's Back Room on Wednesday, September 13th, at 8pm. 

It's not too late to join KAM--at the low low fee of €10--and that will qualify you for concession admission to KAM concerts for the year (til Autumn 2018).

It also qualifies you for a vote at the next AGM (2018).

But more than that, your membership gives you the status of supporter of Kinvara Area Music!

Join us online here!

Or at the next KAM gig!


Kinvara Community Radio

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Following huge effort and dedication from all its members, volunteers and presenters - Kinvara FM has been awarded an FM broadcast licence!

Congratulations to all concerned!

From the 5th of August Kinvara FM will be broadcasting over the airwaves on 92.4 fm every Saturday and Sunday.
Followers around the world can still stream the station live on the internet at

Tune in every weekend to a great line up of shows.

The first KAM radio show on Kinvara FM, with host Eilish O'Connor will run on Saturday the 26th of August. It features an interview with Frank Hall about the early days of KAM, and we'll be playing tracks from the KAM CD, among other things.

Since the idea was mooted, several workshops have taken place with local groups invited to send a representative. Kinvara Area Music was invited and, as it happened, Eilish O'Connor, Martin Ryan, and Frank Hall were all able to attend.

Read more: Kinvara Community Radio

Posters of Past KAM Concerts

KAM CD Volume 1

Listen to samples and purchase.

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