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There are no concerts planned for the Summer. KAM's regular concert seasons are Autumn/Winter and Winter/Spring. Planning will begin soon for the Autmun season.

KAM is an all-volunteer, community-based group of music afficianados who occasionally meet, plan and organize various events, mostly concerts, to further the already lively and diverse musical scene in the local area. Do you have an artist, band, act you would like to bring to Kinvara? Or are there local artists you would like to showcase? Would you like to assist in bringing these events to fruition? Consider volunteering to help in one of any number of ways (concert production, promotion, event planning, website management, etc.) and join in the fun.

Don't have time, but like the mission? Join KAM for as little as €10, and support the efforts while also getting concession rate to all KAM events.

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GIG ROOM Launched

New space works!

You may have read in these pages about KAM's project to make a smaller venue in the Community Centre. 'The Gig Room' was launched March 29, 2014, with a varied and entertaining concert of Kinvara musicians, including seasoned professionls and Open Mic debutantes. All the acts were captivating and the presentation in the new space—created by a large curtain cutting the room in half, with another curtain blocking off the proscenium stage, a smaller modular stage set up in front of the stage curtain, and soft lighting all around—was a great success.

The concert was testament to the deep well of talent which continues to spring from this locality. From beautiful vocals in two and three part harmonies, to world class fiddling of traditional tunes, to sensitive renderings of new and traditional songs, the performers who gave of their time—Asurnai Toíbín and Alana O'Sullivan; Marie Dolan and Frank Kilkelly; Gracie Wallis, Anna Kelly and Caoimhe Campbell; Colm Keady; Máire O'Keeffe and Eilish O'Connor; Mallika McCarthy; Hannah Larrissey, Daire and Traolach McSwiney—delivered a concert to remember.

Read more: Community Centre Project

New KAM Committee

At the AGM/P held Thursday, Nov. 21st, lively upbeat music was provided by Paul Gunning, John Martin & Frank Hall. Food nibbles and and wine were appreciated by the attendees who were treated to positive reports on finances, the state of the concert series and production process, as well as various tidbits of KAM news from the past year. A new Steering Committee was elected, with Anne Korff joining returning Committee members: Josephine Boland, Caoilte Breatnach, Paul Gunning, Frank Hall, and Janet Sutton. Retiring committee members, Rosaleen Tanham and Eileen Fleming, were sincerely thanked for their services, and are both more than happy to be called on to help out with future concerts/events. The meeting/party finished with a thanks to all members who attended and a salute to all members who by their €10 contribution, support the community contribution of KAM.

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