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Anna Falkenau

with Ged Foley (guitar) & Steve Sweeney (accordion)

CONCERT (& CD Launch)Admission includes free CD!

Saturday, Sept 27th, 8.30 (Doors 8pm)

Johnston's Hall, Kinvara

Admission €10/8 (member and concession)

Anna Falkenau photo Vanessa Jordons


"....a touch of the Martin Hayes genius" says music critic Alex Monaghan of her new CD in the current edition of Irish Music Magazine.

"A superb CD of airs and dance tunes from the Irish and American old-time traditions - soulful, inventive and infectious" appraises music scholar Jackie Small of The Irish Traditional Music Archive.

Together with guitarist Ged Foley (ex Patrick Street, The Celtic Fiddle Festival, Battlefield Band et al) and Connemara accordion legend Steve Sweeney, Anna will present a powerful program of Irish and American music. Besides driving tune accompaniment and delicate melody playing, Ged Foley will also treat the audience to some gems out of his huge treasure of folk songs and with Steve Sweeney’s unique  and excuberant tin whistle style and Anna’s viola in addition, the playing field is wide open to unexpected musical turns and twists. Be surprised and entertained.

Find more info on Anna’s new CD on and

Blackboard Venue

Sign-up & Perform

—Open to All—

This November 29, KAM will host it's first ever 'Blackboard Venue', a community open-mic type of event, where anyone can sign-up on the night and perform. The name comes from an Australian tradition of shared performance at festivals and folk clubs, though it has been used elsewhere. Kinvara already has a wonderful tradition of 'Open Mic' nights for teen musicians and performers, which draws from the whole area as well as places distant as Castlebar and Dublin. To avoid confusion and institute a community-wide open performance opportunity—as well as to indicate how it works: sign-up and perform—'Blackboard Venue' will say it all. Come along and give a song, or a tune, or a poem, comedy sketch, symphony, whatever you have to share.


Wednesday, Oct 15th, 8pm

The Book Nook at Sexton's

Unlike many large corporate annual general meetings, the Kinvara Area Music (KAM) AGM features music, refreshment, a glass of wine and conviviality, along with its business of reports and elections. Hence the '/P', for annual general party. Many of those who attend use it as a convenient way to renew their membership, touch base with the loosely organised organisation, and meet fellow music lovers.

Membership in KAM is set at €10 for the year and qualifies the holder for concession price admission to all KAM concerts. It is also an expression of support and endorsement of the vision and mission of the organisation. What are these? Vision: a lively, diverse, and inclusive music scene in the Kinvara area. Mission: to maintain a lively and creative forum to support and help develop musical activities in Kinvara.

The KAM AGM/P is an opportunity to review the activities and efforts of the committee to work within and for the vision and mission statements. This year we would like to consider these statements themselves (originally written/developed by group effort in 2008); ask if they still suit and is there more we might like to do, if the resources were there. We would love to have your input on these questions. Come along and get involved.


Winter-Spring Concerts to be staged in Gig Room

At the end of November this year the public liability insurance for Johnston's Hall runs out, and because of the high cost of running the hall, of which insurance is only part, the owners have decided to cease public activities there in the interim, while they consider longer term investment in the maintenance and development of the building.
For KAM this means that our favorite venue will be unavailable for some time, and we will be moving our concerts to The Gig Room—the half-sized, curtained-off Community Centre. If you haven't been there, in its reduced size it makes a lovely performance space. It has the feel of an arts centre. We will have the opportunity now to develop that space and make it as warm and friendly as we can in keeping with KAM's reputation of intimate concerts for good listening.

We would like to acknowledge all the Johnston family, and especially Maeve Johnston, for making Johnston's Hall available for KAM concerts, for the last seven years. Maeve has done trojan work to keep the space open, viable, and in good repair for multiple community use. That was a very special seven years of change from the closing of Winkle's, the loss of the Auld Plaid Shawl, to the closing (temporarily) of Johnston's Hall. While several premier music venues were lost, others were gained, though very different. Importantly, Kinvara's special music scene survives.



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