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Autumn 2016m



The KAM Annual General Meeting/Party was held in Sexton's Back Room on Tuesday, September 20, at 8pm. About twenty people joined for a glass of wine, a nibble, a few tunes, a couple short reports and elections. As it happened, the entire committee was returned to office with two new members, John Hudson and Caroline Bradley.

The evening also featured music by Eilish O'Connor, Jan Sutton, Josephine Boland and Frank Hall, as well as a general discussion about KAM and it's ongoing activities. Some fresh ideas were floated and embraced. Heartfelt thanks are due to Ruth Sexton, who once again made us feel very welcome. It's not too late to join KAM--at the low low fee of €10--and that will qualify you for concession admission to KAM concerts for the year (til Autumn 2017). It also qualifies you for a vote at the next AGM (2017). But more than that, your membership gives you the status of supporter of Kinvara Area Music! Join us online here! Or at the next KAM gig!

Kinvara Community Radio

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An initiative was recently floated at a Community Council meeting to start a Kinvara Community Radio station. The idea is to set up a studio capable of streaming live radio on the internet and also to broadcast on FM to a local area of 5 km radius, the legal maximum for community radio. The right to transmit via FM is licensed and requires more equipment. So this is a slightly longer process. However, getting the basic equipment in place (microphones, computer, sound desk, etc.) is the only thing necessary for streaming.

Since the idea was mooted some few months ago, several workshops have taken place with local groups invited to send a representative. Kinvara Area Music was invited and, as it happened, Eilish O'Connor, Martin Ryan, and Frank Hall were all able to attend. The basic training in operating a sound desk, organising programming, tweaking microphones, and so forth,

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More Concerts staged in Gig Room

The GiG Room was this year expanded by approximtely 1/4, allowing a capacity of around 130±. The intimacy of the room was not at all compromised, the acoustics, if anything, were possibly enhanced by incorporating a few reflective surfaces to balance the quietness of the curtained off space. The seating was more comfortable, and the hall tended to fill up from the front, as the audience chose to be closer to the stage.

The expansion was made possible by the purchase of two more hoists & cabling by KAM with the assistance of the Community Council. A great debt of thanks is owed to Paddy Geoghegan who installed the hoists, and wired them in. Pat Collins loaned his scaffolding to make the installation possible.

The Gig Room—the half-sized, curtained-off Community Centre, lighted and decorated to enhance the presentation of small concerts—has been a great success since kicking off the 2015 season.

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Posters of Past KAM Concerts

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